What is Third Eye Creative?

Third Eye Creative is not to be taken lightly.

A vessel for the imagination of an artist's pure devotion to a life of expression and a pursuit for the original. What you will see has found its home on the outskirts of popular culture, disassociated from and troubled by the conventional.

For this is unpredictable, a ricochet, a rogue wave. This is a journey and a crusade along the unplanned path of A. Bass.

A homage to the psychedelic and the Line, this illustrative gathering was created with an open and inspired mind.

This is Sonder, an adventure for the eyes and inspiration for the soul. 


All illustrations are hand drawn, and printed & framed professionally.

They come accompanied by a numbered certificate of authenticity signed by the artist, A. Bass, as well as the story that goes with that particular print.