The Family

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This print is available either framed or unframed. If buying a framed print, please specify at checkout if you want a black or white frame and mount.

S - 156 x 101mm.
M - 314 x 203mm.
L - 471 x 305mm.

Frame size - 20(Wide) x 34mm(Deep).
Mount size - 45mm(Wide).


This surprisingly large (estimates point to c.800 individuals) but mysterious family of humanoid creatures inhabit the woods and forests of the UK.

Some will tell you they're ferocious once-humans, who have isolated themselves from society through years of self-mutilation and murder. Others think they're peaceful beings that live inside trees due to their special and unique bond with Nature.

Are they actually capable of what people have accused them of, or are we just afraid of what we don't understand?