£39.99 GBP - £129.99 GBP

This print is available either framed or unframed. If buying a framed print, please specify at checkout if you want a black or white frame and mount.

S - 431 x 305mm.
M - 575 x 407mm.
L - 719 x 509mm.

Frame size - 20(Wide) x 34mm(Deep).
Mount size - 45mm(Wide).


Peyote escorts people through the In Between to what lies beyond. She is cruel, kind, and unpredictable, often regarded with mistrust and suspicion by the souls forced to trust her as their guide.

If you're a good person with a kind soul, she'll protect you on your trip, but if you're a bad person with a dark soul, she'll lure you to your demise without you even realising. Those needing her assistance are advised not to rub her up the wrong way.